Food is one of the main importance of any memorable party event. It’s a great feeling to celebrate with your loved friends/team or even loved ones once in a while with great food no matter the occasion. This is why food Junkee aim to deliver the most eye catching and tasty dishes to keep your party attendees happy.

As mobile caterers we offer different catering services to suit the individuals’ requirements. We have our indoor/outdoor catering services, which are:

  • Pre packed delivery service – treating you party attendees to a pre packed perfect meal is always a nice gesture. Don’t want the mess and stress!! Hassle and mess free. Just tell us the time and place and we will drop off you pre packed meals and snacks full of flavour and ready to eat!
  • food truck – This will give your party goers a real feeling of street food and bliss of fresh cooked meals and snacks in trendy street food packaging that will give them the best impression of your event. Your party will be the most memorable for you and your guests.
  • Gazebo buffet style –with great weather and outdoor feel for your party attendees to have a lazy buffet setup outdoors with outdoor seating or with out door entertainment. This can have either a fine dinning feel or street food feel depending on your requirements.
  • Indoor buffet style– Lazy buffet style setup is weather proof which can have any feel you want for your event. This could be at your home premises or specially booked venue for the occasion. 
  • Exclusive Table service – Our top quality service where your party attendees are served amazing food from our fantastic waiting team. Its amazing not having to lift a finger!